Fairhaven Housing Authority
Fairhaven Housing 2023 Annual Plan Public Hearing
Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 2:30 pm
Click here to download copies of the Annual Plan
The Fairhaven Housing Authority is 100% SMOKE FREE
No SMOKING of ANY kind is permitted in any building, apartment or common area. Smoking is not permitted on the grounds, exterior property of the Authority or in a car in any Housing Authority parking lot. This applies to ALL tenants, guests & visitors. Any & All SMOKING MUST take place OFF PROPERTY

Welcome to Fairhaven Housing Authority. We are extremely proud of our beautiful complexes and we are confident that you will enjoy living at the authority's housing.

It is our mission to provide quality, affordable housing for low to moderate income elderly disabled individuals and families. Our mission also includes the development of additional affordable housing that will serve and fulfill.