January 18, 2018 Minutes




Chairman Simmons called the Regular Meeting of January 18th, 2018 at 1:07 p.m.

PRESENT: Jay Simmons, Jean Rousseau, Greg Tutcik, Anne Silveira

ABSENT: John Farrell arrived at 3:40 p.m.

STAFF: Krisanne Sheedy, Jo-Ann Turgeon

TENANTS: Rod Lopez


The minutes were recorded by Jo-Ann Turgeon.

Acceptance of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting – December 11th, 2017

Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to accept and place on file the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 11th, 2017.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Tutcik. Vote unanimous. 

Tenant Participation                                                                                                                                                          



Approval of the Warrant – Bills from December 12th through December 29th, 2017

Director Sheedy explained the Brown Rudnick LLP invoice for $4,620.00 was the attorney who reviewed the last solar agreement. She does not think DHCD will reimburse the Authority. Commissioner Rousseau asked about the two Eagle Elevator invoices. The Director stated one was for regular monthly maintenance and the other invoice for $3,900.00 was for elevator inspections. The Management Computer Services invoice for $1249.50 was for the new PHA software training for the office. The Rental Inspections Services Enterprises invoice was for apartment inspections on December 15th and December 18th at Oxford Terrace. The Thompson Reuter invoice for $394.00 is for the updated version of Massachusetts laws. The Valtran invoice is for the two units the Authority rents but stated the Authority needs to build a garage or the tractor will eventually rust due to too much condensation in the units.  Maintenance has already moved some equipment out. Chairman Simmons suggested looking into other larger storage units available in the area.


Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to accept the warrant for bills from December 12th through December 29th, 2017. Motion seconded by Commissioner Silveira.  Vote unanimous.


Approval of the Warrant – Bills from December 30th 2017 through January 18th, 2018

Director Sheedy explained most of the invoices on the warrant are routine expenses. The Authority had to purchase more pallets of ice melt from the Plymouth County Treasurer’s Office where the Authority gets a decent price. The Authority is making some payments to Johnson Signs for the signs that are being refashioned at McGann Terrace. They are basically finished but will not be installed until warmer weather. The Director’s invoice was for pizza purchased for the maintenance staff during the blizzard and coffee for the Sheriff’s crew. She also purchased water repellent jackets from Mike & Wayne’s for the maintenance staff to wear for snow removal.  Commissioner Tutcik asked if the Authority could look into some of the local ship merchants for outer wear for the maintenance staff in the future. Chairman Simmons agreed that there are other marine vendors that the Authority can look into. The A. Medeiros Contractor invoice for $4,200.00 was for the plowing and sanding of all four complexes during the blizzard.


Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to approve the warrant for bills from December 30th 2017 through January 18th 2018. Motion seconded by Commissioner Silveira. Vote unanimous.


Tenant Credit Accounts

The tenant accounts receivable credit balances for December 31st was reviewed and accepted by the Board.


Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to accept and place on file the tenant credit account balances for December 31st, 2017. Motion seconded by Commissioner Silveira. Vote unanimous.


Utility Spreadsheet

The Director stated December’s figures were not included on the spreadsheet as all of the invoices were not received. The Authority has not received any credits from Crystal Springs and will not see any credits from the newest venture until the fall. Commissioner Rousseau asked if the Authority has seen any benefits from Solect. Director Sheedy informed the Board that we have and hopefully soon the Authority will see benefits from Crystal Springs.

                                                                                                                                                                        Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to accept and place on file the utility spreadsheets for the consumption of gas and electric.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Silveira.  Vote unanimous. 




REGULAR MEETING                                            2.                                            JANUARY 18, 2018


Cash Flow Analysis                                                                                                                                                    The Director told the Board a cash flow analysis has been added to the agenda, noting the Southern Mass Credit Union has a good size balance in the account which included $100,000 deposit on November 9, 2017. Chairman Simmons asked the Director to add to the bottom of the agenda items that were not available at the time of the agenda in the future so the Board can cover those items.

Fenton, Ewald & Associates – December 2017 Financials                                                                                       Director Sheedy explained that the accountant was anticipating being here but had to cancel because of illness so the December 2017 Financials are not available. She anticipates the accountant coming in March to the Board meeting to go over the budget which will then be finalized and approved in April. The Director asked the Board to look at the last budget to see if they would like to add or change anything for the March meeting. She will put it in the Board packets for the March meeting. Chairman Simmons asked the Director to place Budget Planning on the agenda for next month so they are able to discuss it.

DHCD Budget Guidelines, New E.D. Salary Schedule

The DHCD Public Housing Notice 2017-25 was reviewed by the Board. The Director explained that the Department, as well as Mass NAHRO did salary comparisons and came up with figures based on a nationwide comparison. The Board discussed the Public Notice and worksheet that was presented to them for the Executive Director Salary Qualifications and Schedule. Commissioner Rousseau stated he could not see the logic in the formula and the rationale escapes him. It gives the calculation but does not take into consideration Executive Director’s performance, experience or education. Commissioner Rousseau is in favor of whatever increases the Board can approve at this time. Director Sheedy stated when everything gets allocated in the April budget and is submitted and approved, raises can be processed. She stated her contract ends on February 14, 2018. There is a new set of guidelines for contracts that were presented to the Board along with a cover sheet for contracts, noting Mass NAHRO had a huge issue with it and it is being reviewed by an attorney. Chairman Simmons asked the Board to set the documents aside for Item 8, New Business.


Old Business                                                                                                                                                  Security at Complexes

The Director stated there is nothing major as far as security. She is working through a few tenant issues with the Police Department and the attorney. There was an incident at Oxford where a guest had an argument with the tenant and the guest was removed from the property. There are a few minor issues at McGann Terrace also. Notices have been sent reminding tenants of the terms of their lease. At this time, there is nothing further. The cameras at Dana Court are two thirds finished. McGann Terrace cameras have been purchased but the Cottages might be a problem, not being sure where to place the cameras. The Director is looking into a few options.  Commissioner Rousseau suggested erecting a pole with a 360 degree camera that can cover a large area.


Old Business

Smoke Free Housing/ Smoking Policy

A memo from Pat Grace was provided to the Board along with the new Smoke Free Housing Policy draft for review. There are unanswered questions regarding vaping as you can vape cannabis as well as nicotine. Commissioner Rousseau asked the Director to keep working with Pat Grace.


Old Business

Conflict Resolution

Director Sheedy reported that the Conflict Resolution Committee continues to meet every other week and move from complex to complex. There are trainings that are offered to Authorities so the committee is looking into hosting a session here at the Authority. They still could use a few more members.


Old Business

FHA Tree and Landscape Plan

The Director informed the Board she spoke with G. Bourne Knowles who stated they went to look at the property and would have a proposal by the Board meeting date. She has not heard from them as of yet. Commissioner Rousseau would like to see some of the trees be removed at Anthony Haven as soon as possible.

Chairman Simmons agreed. The Board asked what the status is with the tree at Oxford Terrace. The Director stated Dana Farms is going to hire Barnes Tree Service. The Authority will hire a mason to dismantle the stone wall. The cost will be split between the Authority and Dana Farms.


Old Business

Pest Control

Director Sheedy stated there is an ant problem at the Cottages and scheduled the exterminator to go out and take care of it. The exterminator will not go out if the unit has already been sprayed by the Authority or the tenant. Director Sheedy is looking into a preventative program in the spring. She received a complaint that someone is still feeding the wildlife.





REGULAR MEETING                                             3.                                       JANUARY 18, 2018


Old Business

Bicycle Storage

The Director will go to Anthony Haven with the maintenance staff and look to see what the best place is for the bike rack that has been purchased. Commissioner Rousseau thinks it would be more assessible on the ground as opposed to pads.


Old Business

Exterior Masonry at Anthony Haven

The Director told the Board she is looking to get the work plan approved by the state so she can hire JMBA to do the work. The Board will revisit the topic next month.


Old Business

Payout of Sick Time Policy

A copy of the Town Employee Sick Time Policy was submitted to DHCD but the Director has not yet heard from them. The topic will remain on the agenda for next month.


Old Business

Automatic Door Openers

Director Sheedy has not connected with the gentleman that has given her the original quote. She would like to add a few things to that project.

Old Business

Tree Removal/Oxford/Dana Farms

Director Sheedy would like to schedule the tree removal for next week.


Old Business                                                                                                                                                     Community Room Furniture

The Director met this week with National Business Furniture who will put together a proposal for the Authority. The representative from WB Mason came by and showed the Director a few items they carry as well. He will come back on Monday, January 22nd and look at the other buildings and put some pricing together if the Director can find a product that will suit the needs of the common areas.


The Director presented to the Board a Winter/Snow Policy. She will attend a SHADO meeting on Tuesday, January 24th and will discuss the Snow Policy at the meeting. This item will be on next month’s agenda for review by the Board.


New Business

Approve Sign Lead Paint Notification Certifications

The Director presented and the Board signed a Certification of Compliance with Notification Procedures for Federal and State Lead Paint Laws.


New Business

New Bank Accounts and Transfer of Pet Deposits

The Director is setting up three new accounts at Rockland Trust; a conduit account to process payments for the new solar agreement, an account for the potential demolition of the on- site solar in 20 years and the pet escrow deposit accounts that have always been with Bank of America but must be transferred to another bank as BOA is no longer handling escrow accounts. Rockland Trust has offered to take the pet deposits. All residents that own pets will sign a new W-9 for the deposits. The Commissioners signed all the necessary documents to move forward.


New Business

Town Annual Report

The Director presented the Town Annual Report for the Board to review. It was noted that a correction needs to be made on the term date of Jay Simmons. The Director will make the correction.


New Business

New DHCD E.D. Contract Notice, Template, Cover Sheet

The Director stated her contract ends on February 14th and the next Board meeting is on the 15th of February. Chairman Simmons asked the Board if anyone was contemplating not renewing the Executive Director’s contract. Commissioners intend to renew.


Voted: Chairman Simmons made a motion to continue the Executive Director’s contract for one year. Motion seconded by Commissioner Rousseau. Vote unanimous.


New Business

Certificate of Final Completion-Paving 094055


REGULAR MEETING                                             4.                                        JANUARY 18, 2018

The Director presented the Certificate of Final Completion from Robert B. Our Co., Inc. for the Site Improvement Project at Oxford Terrace. She stated there is only one outstanding punch list item that cannot be

taken care of until the spring. This is the additional lining of the parking lot.  The company agreed to come back and take care of it. Commissioner Tutcik wants a letter in writing stating they will be back to complete the punch list.


Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to accept the Certificate of Final Completion from Robert B. Our Co., Inc. and to release the retainage in the amount of $24, 082.20. Motion seconded by Commissioner Silveira.  Vote unanimous.


Tabled Items




Director Sheedy gave the Board a design layout for the Dana Court parking area from GCG Associates. Board members reviewed and discussed the design plan. The Director will contact the GCG with the changes the Board would like to make to the design layout. She is not sure if the cost will stay the same. The Board will review and discuss this again at the next meeting.


Commissioner John Farrell arrived at the meeting at 3:40 p.m.


FHA Newsletter January 2018

The Director mentioned she will be holding an Executive Director coffee hour on a quarterly basis.


Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to accept and place on file the Fairhaven Housing Authority Newsletter of January 2018. Motion seconded by Commissioner Tutcik. Vote unanimous.


Mass NAHRO Newsletter January 2018  

The Director told the Board there are a lot of trainings that are coming up.


Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to accept and place on file the Mass NAHRO January 2018 Newsletter. Motion seconded by Commissioner Silveira. Vote unanimous.


Directors Report

The Director told the Board the stairwell treads have been on hold until the maintenance staff can get through the vacancies. Scott has begun installation of the floating floor at Dana Court and is finishing up the immediate entry and the community room to the right. The Director told the Board there is a set of budget guidelines from the state if anyone is interested in receiving a copy.


Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to accept and place on file the Directors Report for January 18, 2018. Motion seconded by Commissioner Silveira. Vote unanimous.


Commissioner Tutcik left the Board meeting at 4:05 p.m.


Questions or Concerns of Commissioners

Commissioner Farrell asked about the Anthony Haven ball field boundaries and if there was a survey done. He asked if the Authority could ever acquire that property for additional housing. Chairman Simmons stated the property is utilized a lot but there is always a possibility.

Commissioner Farrell asked how the wait list was going. The Director stated the Authority has basically gone through all of the veterans on the list and the Authority is finally getting to the locals.


Future Agenda Items





Voted: Commissioner Rousseau made a motion to adjourn at 4:25p.m. Motion seconded by Commissioner Silveira. Vote unanimous.



Respectfully submitted,



Krisanne Sheedy                                           Executive Director